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Gospel Praise Hits

& 1Hr Gospel Praise Party @ 9

6 am - 10 am



Mon - Sat

10 am - 2 pm


Hip-hop & R&B Hits 

2 pm - 6 pm

Adult R&B Hits

Mon - Fri and Sat & Sun

6 pm - 10 pm weekdays

7pm - 10pm weekends

Hip-hop & R&B Chart Smashers


10 pm - 2 am

Smokin' Hip-hop, R&B & Rap Hits 

2 am - 6 am

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On the 56s


On the 56s


Love & Heartbreak With Lady Starr

Sat & Sun

6 pm - 7 pm

Smooth Jazz



10 am -  noon

Traditional Jazz



noon - 2 pm 


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On the 56s

Lady Starr Radio, (formerly R&B Wedding Radio) WSTR - Digital Broadcast is an Urban (R&B) station that was launched under the Lady Starr Radio title 1 February, 2019.  The statuin is monitored and digitally tracked; plays a variety of song-hits 24 hours, seven days a week. The line-up include Billboard’s top 30 Gospel Songs in the USA on our Gospel Praise Show; a one-hour Gospel Praise Party of past and/or current Gospel Hits; R&B Throwbacks of sleeping hits one may have forgotten; Billboard’s top 50 Mainstream Hip-hop and R&B Hits in the USA on our Today’s Hip-hop and R&B Shows; Billboard’s top 30 Adult R&B Hits on our Adult R&B Show and the top Rap Hits in the USA from a combination of Billboard's Hip-hop and R&B and Rap Charts.on our overnight Smokin’ Hip-hop, R&B & Rap Show.


On Saturday and Sunday evenings, we play a one-hour Love & Heartbreak With Lady Starr Show consisting of forgotten R&B hits, mostly from the 2000 years. We also play Billboard’s top 30 Smooth Jazz Hits in the USA and New & Old Traditional Jazz Hits from some of the top Jazz selling albums in the USA, to include playing the legends such as Cole Porter, Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, Frank Sinatra and others.


Notwithstanding, we are the host of the Virtual Event DJ Service where anyone can be a guest DJ by sharing the Playlist for their event to a listening audience around the world. We provide your event with music in any city and on any device with an internet connection using the TuneIn App at tunein.com or from our music player on this page.  All you will need is a speaker to amplify the sound of the music for your guests. We look forward to receiving your selected songs from our music library. Simply submit your playlist comprised of songs from any of our shows and send it via email to ladystarr@ladystarrradio.com. The cost is $20 for up to 20 songs per hour. However, depending on the length of the song, such as a 12” or a remix for example, less than 20 songs may play per hour. If you need more information, please email us with your questions or concerns to ladystarr@ladystarrradio.com. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, TuneIn and Twitter, and thank you in advance.

Caution: One may hear profanities in a few songs between the hours of 10 pm - 6 am ET which are allowed per FCC Rules, however some expletives heard in some songs and are used in the everyday common language are also allowed during daylight hours. If you should hear a song that is overly obscene or offends you, please send us an email to ladystarr@ladystarrradio.com for removal or for us to add a radio-edited version, if it has become available, and thank you in advance for listening.

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