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About Lady Starr Radio

Lady Starr Radio was renamed 1  February 2019, and a new website was also created.  The station was launched in 2013, under another name, in South Korea, when Lady Starr was serving in the U.S. Army. 

In 2014, the station halted on-air activities when Lady Starr returned to the United States and was reassigned to Fort Campbell, Kentucky.  After re-establishing a domicile and settleing down at her new duty station, Lady Starr re-launched the radio station of another name in 2015.  The station remained on air until 2017 when Lady Starr retired from the US Army with 22 years of active-duty service.  Eight months before she retired, Lady Starr was hospitalized in Fort Campbell's ICU unit for 10 days and released with a life-altering disability. Subsequently, she relocated and was deeply affected when she transitioned to civilian life and learning to live a new way of life with her disability.  

In 2018, Lady Starr regained her momentum and confidence and began broadcasting under the name, RnB Wedding Radio.  It was quite successful, as seen in the amount of daily listeners and website views, but very difficult to continue building a fresh sounding music library, because romantic R&B Ballads are not as plentiful as other music genres.  Essentially, the demand was great, but the supply was few.  Determined, but not defeated, Lady Starr began anew and renamed the station as Lady Starr Radio 1 February, 2019.

Lady Starr has also experienced a voluntarily break-in-service, after serving 11 years in the U.S. Army in various occupational skills, but specifically in the Army's Public Affairs Offices where she once served as a broadcaster and read news from Pentagon press releases on-air at a radio station near Warrenton, Virginia.


As a civilian, Lady Starr was employed by a New York corporation as a managing editor for a newspaper.  She eventually resigned and began work as a broadcaster for a small-market radio station, followed by a tenure with a major-market radio station in Nashville.  Eventually, she returned to the Army and completed her final 11 years.  Lady Starr girds herself  with work experiences; she does not have a degree, but she has 160 credit hours completed and has graduated from The Department of Defense Information School.

Lady Starr stated that her hope for the first anniversary of the station is for listeners and partners to continually  enjoy our product and the services we offer to help spread an advertiser's message.  It is with this same hope  that many of you, if not already, will begin to think and go green for your daily lives and for our planet.  In helping to educate the masses about the importance of thinking green, our station is planning to run a series of  helpful go green ideas vignettes.  Sponsorship packages are available now to help us deliver a "think green" initiative to the public during our anniversary month.  Can we count you in?


Utility Companies

Hardware Companies

Water/Heating/Air Conditioning Services

Home Furnishings


Appliance Stores

Contractors and Builders

Bottled Water Companies 

Water Purification/Filtration Suppliers

& More

Sponsor a :60-second Think Green spot containing helpful ideas to engage listeners so that they may begin to think green;  Tht spot will include a :30-seconds audio-narrative introduction and a :30-second ending that you can personalize with 1.  the name of your company and your website address, 2.  name of your company and your location or 3. the name of your company and your telephone number for $100 to play twice between the hours of 6am and midnight during the month of February.

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