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We Have More Creative Messages To Announce Your

Product or Service 

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Buy a :60-second business related radio spot and personalize the introduction or ending of a targeted holiday message  

Press play on the player to hear the demo and reserve now to personalize a :60-second spot with an ending that includes one of three tag choices below: 

1.  The name of your company and your website address

2.  The name of your company and your location or

3.  The name of your company and your telephone number   

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St. Patricks's Day - March 17, 2020

Celebrate with annoucements of the lore & history of the holiday


This message is great for

Entertainment Venues

Street Festivals

Craft Stores

Retail Stores


Senior Centers

And Any Business With a St. Patty's Affinity


10 BROADCASTS (10/DAY, 10X TOTAL @ 1 per day) - $70 


7 BROADCASTS (7/DAY, 7X TOTAL @ 1 per day) - $49


5 BROADCASTS (5/DAY, 5X TOTAL @ 1 per day) - $35









Distracted Driving Awareness Month - April 2020

The messages warn listeners of the dangers of texting and driving


This message is great for

Auto Services & Repair Centers

Car and Truck Dealers

Tire Dealers

Car Washers

Detail & Custom Shops

Gas Stations

Body & Paint Shops

Car Stereo Dealers

Cellular Phone Companies

And any business with a connection to the automotive industry




60 BROADCASTS (10/DAY, 60X TOTAL @ 6 per day) - $420


42 BROADCASTS (7/DAY, 42X TOTAL @ 6 per day) - $294


30 BROADCASTS (5/DAY, 30X TOTAL @ 6 per day) - $210













National Pet Month - May 2020

Celebrate with tips to help with choosing a pet, grooming, feeding, training, diseases, travel and more


This message is great for

Pet Food Companies

Pet Stores


Animal Shelters

Pet Grooming Services

Boarding Kennels

Pet Sitters

Animal Hospitals


Animal Adoption Centers

And any other company in the pet products or services industry




60 BROADCASTS (10/DAY, 60X TOTAL @ 6 per day) - $420


42 BROADCASTS (7/DAY, 42X TOTAL @ 6 per day) - $294


30 BROADCASTS (5/DAY, 30X TOTAL @ 6 per day) - $210






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